Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Where's your sense of Adventure?

I'm pretty sure I'm crazy.

Because everyone I've told about what I'm doing, and more importantly, HOW I'm going about doing it, tells me this. Crazy.

Many of my co-workers who are well acquainted with my OCD side couldn't believe that I could possibly go on a trip and not have all the things explicitly planned and detailed out. Well. It's an ADVENTURE people.

And so many of my friends are currently experiencing second-hand anxiety. Guilty as charged. Sorry 'bout it.

There's only a handful of unknowns. It will be fine...

1. I'm flying on a buddy pass. Which means I'm not guaranteed to get on any of my planes. I am the lowest priority passenger. I get on dead last.
2. If I do make it on, and the plane is close to the weight limit, my bags get kicked off first.
3. Originally my plane only went to Amsterdam. Which is in Holland. I was supposed to be able to fix this when I showed up at the airport.
4. I got my ticket changed so I'm going to London now instead of Amsterdam. Sorry, no Red Light District for me. Once I get to London, I don't know what happens next. I guess I find a train. I could buy a ticket in London, but the desk agent told me I'd have to go through Amsterdam... and they probably wouldn't let me have a 3rd bag.
5. I have 3 giant bags, each 50 lbs. Plus a duffel, plus a backpack (probably 70lbs), and a pillow. All of this must be carried from the plane to the train.
6. If I can figure out how to carry it all, and figure out how to get a train ticket, I don't know where it drops me off in Glasgow.
7. Assuming everything works, I will arrive in Glasgow on the 4th in the afternoon. Housing starts on the 5th. Don't know where I'm sleeping on the 4th.
8. I don't know how to get my apartment from the train station (or anywhere else). Where's the grocer store?
9. I couldn't find the right kind of power converters (my dorm has specific requirements) so when I get there I can't plug anything in until I figure out where to buy those.
10. I have $ in my pocket, but it's dollars. I don't know where to exchange it for pounds.
11. I don't know what classes I'm taking. Supposedly they will tell us on the 5th?
12. I don't know when I have class, and when I don't.
13. I don't know when I have holidays.
14. I don't know what's happening at Christmas.
15. I don't know if I have summers off or not.
16. I don't know where the grocery store is, or anything else for that matter.
17. I supposedly have a phone coming from Ireland, but I don't know how it's getting to me.
18. I don't know what I'm doing for work, just that I have a job.
Basically I'm going to London. And then we'll see. And at some point...maybe school.




And it begins.


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  1. Stay safe, have fun, and keep us posted. You're going to have an insanely awesome time, regardless of how you get there. Hugs. -M