Monday, October 20, 2014

Not Dead

I'm not dead, I promise. Just really busy. Everything has settled into a pattern that allows me to get everything I need and most of what I want done in a week. But it doesn't leave much (any) time for blogging, especially when I'm weeks and weeks behind. Maybe soon I'll find the extra time I need?

In other news, I got new shoes because mine had holes in them. And that doesn't really work in the rain.

Oooo pretty. I think the pair on the left are kind of garish, but I quickly abandoned any thought of keeping them nice, so that's fine. The pair on the right are squash shoes. That means I can't wear them outside, ever (unless I want to ruin them). I only wear them indoors on basketball/badminton courts. We have indoor training twice a week right now and will have some tournaments in the future as well, so it was a needed purchase. The shoes I was using were all slippage on that surface which doesn't make for great cutting.